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Chimney Cleaning

We clean Stoves, Ranges, Open Fireplaces, Back Boilers and open Fireback. We use industrial vacuums for airborne dust control, drop cloths or other means are also used to protect the homeowner’s furnishings while performing the cleaning. All chimneys should be inspected annually and swept when needed, to remove byproducts of combustion (such as soot and creosote), and to maintain draft so dangerous fumes can exit your home, thus preventing chimney fires.

The type of chimney and the appliance venting into it, including time taken for vent cleaning, will determine how long it takes to sweep, but a general average is 45 minutes to 2 hours, Inspection of the chimney and documentation may add to the length of the visit. Contact Us

Call us to enquire about Video inspections especially if this was not performed when you purchased your home. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are 3 levels of chimney inspections? The first level is the basic chimney inspection. This occurs during routine annual chimney cleanings. The level 2 chimney inspection is recommended if you buy or sell your home or believe you may have experienced a chimney fire. This more intense chimney inspection involves a video inspection of the interior portions of your chimney. Various issues like missing mortar joints between flue tiles, cracked flue tiles and unseen abandoned thimbles are potential fire hazards and usually require advanced video inspections to reveal these dangers.