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Graffiti Removal

Gleamin Kleen Cleaning Services are equipped with professional equipment to remove the most stubborn Graffiti damage to the walls of commercial, domestic and Public areas.

Defacing property is a crime and will impact your business by reducing footfall thus affecting your retail sales, negatively affect area and property values over time and encourage petty crime. It is important to have it removed as soon as it appears. Not doing so communicates that the community or particular organisation are not concerned about their appearance. Furthermore such an acceptance or tolerance of these “acts” could potentially invite additional Graffiti in a short space of time and may even encourage petty crime, which escalates the problem to an even more serious level.

In addition, challenging and eradicating their “work” would restore neighbourhoods and properties to their original Graffiti-free condition. Contact Us

Removing Graffiti would prevent attracting additional Graffiti in a short space of time, and saves money on removal costs as less products and labour is required when Graffiti is new or fresh. Using incorrect abrasive chemicals in an attempt to remove Graffiti can damage surfaces beyond repair, often leaving large traces of the Graffiti still highly visible.

It is advisable to remove any Graffiti prior to re-painting surfaces, as there is a possibility for the Graffiti “shadow” resurfacing once the new paint has been applied. Effective and continuous Graffiti removal has proven to be highly successful, as Graffiti “taggers” are discouraged and as such an area loses its appeal to be vandalised.
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